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LONGOFRIGO S.r.l., is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration systems, has been operating since 1977 in Italy and abroad, with great professionalism, skill and fl exibility, making it a leading company on the market.

Since the founding of the company, Longofrigo has gained a professional reputation, with the reliability of its systems and services, based on experience but also on its great attention to the new technologies that have permitted them to satisfy all the requirements of the customers.

The company designs and manufactures industrial refrigeration systems, including turnkey systems, for the production, preservation and distribution of food products in general, including frozen and fresh products.

The company is an unquestioned leader in this field.

The industries where the systems are used also include sports equipment on ice, where the total reliability of the systems and services is necessary as well as research into advanced solutions in terms of eco-compatibility and safety.

In particular, Longofrigo produced almost all the facilities for the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, equipment for training and competitions in the most varied of disciplines from artistic skating, speed skating, bob sleigh and hockey, to curling...

As well as Olympic and permanent facilities, Longofrigo has manufactured numerous mobile skating rinks using the most modern technologies available today such as moving fl oors made of caucciù, which it produces and exports worldwide.

Longofrigo has built up great experience in the fruit preservation and processing industry, for brands such as Melinda, Marlene and Trentina, who all make use of Longofrigo’s technology for preserving apples in controlled atmospheres and temperatures.

It also produces systems for preserving all fruit and vegetable produce using the same level of professionalism

Longofrigo designs and manufactures complete systems for processing and preserving meat and meat products and for maturing cured meats. It produces tanks of iced water for the dairy industry, refrigeration units for cereals in silos, maturating and preservation rooms for dairy products and cheese; it installs belt and plate freezers, etc.

Longofrigo builds systems on board ships and on-shore installations for processing, freezing and preserving fish. It designs and installs ice making machines, for flakes and other forms, both independent and equipped with the relative storage silos.

In the wine and drinks industry, it produces refrigeration systems for cooling must and for making sparkling wine and for recovering the heat and CO2 that come from beer fermentation.

Longofrigo also has a presence in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, both of which require great specialisation and high reliability, which the company can guarantee thanks to its professionalism and the experience of its skilled staff.