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Sports, industrial and commercial

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LONGOFRIGO S.r.l., a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration systems, has been operating since 1977 in Italy and abroad, with great professionalism, skill and fl exibility, making it a leading company on the market.. You can see our products below.

Cold stores/fishing industry

Longofrigo S.r.l. manufactures turnkey storage rooms, warehouses, cold stores and controlled temperature distribution platforms, both for frozen products and fresh products using the best components and the most advanced technologies available today.

It uses high effi ciency refrigerants with low environmental impact, such as ammonia, ecological Freon and CO2.

Thanks to its great fl exibility and experience, the company can satisfy its customers’ needs for all types of systems applying the right technologies for permitting maximum savings in management costs. The plant engineering philosophy applied by the company is based on the concept of management economy, in that the system is only paid for once, whereas energy and maintenance costs go on for life.

Fishing industry

La Longofrigo S.r.l. sstudies and manufactures systems for the preservation of fresh and/or frozen fish. It produces quick freezing systems for on board and on-shore plants, systems for processing, treating and packaging fish-based ready meals with particular attention to maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

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